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Director Damon Cardasis drew inspiration from his own life growing up in New York City to write this musical coming-of-age film. Saturday Church features the brilliant actor Luka Kain, who won the Outstanding Actor in a Feature Film at Outfest for his role as Ulysses, a 14-year old who is dealing with his gender and sexual identity. While Cardasis takes us to the dark places that await young Ulysses on the streets of the city, he also shows us the warmth of Saturday Church, a community program for homeless LGBTQ teens, led by Joan (Kate Bornstein).

With special guest Kate Bornstein!


Wednesday, October 11th | Woodland Theater

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A Queer and Pleasant Danger: Coming Out with Heart
12PM l Woodland Theater
Celebrated transgender pioneer Kate Bornstein has, with humor and spunk, ushered us into a world of limitless possibility through a daring re-envisonment of the gender system. Her books go beyond the binary to see gender as both a conscious practice and a playful journey. Her enigmatic advice exhorts us to: "Do whatever it takes to make your life more worth living. Anything at all...There's only one rule to follow to make that kind of blanket permission work: Don't be mean." Her workshops have reached over 200 high schools and universities throughout the US and globally.

5PM | Director Robin Berghaus | Documentary | USA | 72 Min.

Will Lautzenheiser, a film professor from Boston, is suffering from intense leg pain. Soon his career is put on hold as a life-threatening infection leads to the amputation of his limbs. Perhaps it takes someone who studies film to have the courage to put himself in front of a camera during such a vulnerable and intense struggle? Lautzenheiser finds his voice in through stand up comedy. Director Robin Berghaus contextualizes Lautenheiser’s arduous recovery through multiple interviews with Angel, his boyfriend who quickly became his devoted partner, his twin brother, and a caretaker. This film gives a voice to an overlooked community: LGBTQ+ people with disabilities.

Preceding Stumped
Dir. Andrew Keenan-Bolger | Short | USA | 15 min.

Two New Yorkers, one of whom is deaf, experience hurdles in their relationship in this award-winning short.

7PM | Director Rebekah Fortune | Feature | UK | 97 Min.

Charlie, played persuasively by break out actor Harry Gilby, is an athletic 12-year old struggling with their gender identity in Tamworth, Middle England. Rebekah Fortune, director, and Peter Machen, writer, successfully adapt their endearing short Something Blue to make it a compelling feature. You will find yourself emphatically rooting for Charlie, and against the family members and team members who do not support their transition. Winner of the Audience Award at the Edinburgh International Festival, and Golden Slipper for the Best Youth Feature Film at Ziln, this enchanting film will win your heart.

Thursday, October 12th | Woodland Theater

12:30PM | Director Erin Heidenreich | Documentary | USA | 80 Min.

Maria Toorpakai Wazir was Pakistan’s top female squash player at the age of 16 — a distinction she achieved against all odds. Wazir hails from Waziristan, a tribal region between Pakistan and Afghanistan and a Taliban stronghold, where women are not allowed to leave the house without a man’s permission, let alone play sports. At the age of 16, the Taliban began making death threats against her and her family that continue to this day. Director Erin Heidenreich discovers 20-year old Wazir training in Toronto, Canada, and discreetly films her return to South Waziristan. This film about women’s empowerment also questions gender identity.
3PM | 77 Min.

How does it feel to be liberated? Ernst tells us about the advocacy of four trans pioneers. Hamer and Wilson follow Kumu Hina (Eau Queer 2014) with Lady Eva who enters Tonga’s Miss Galaxy beauty pageant. Hamer and Wilson are expanding their project into an upcoming feature documentary about the leitis community; follow their work at TongaLeitis. Somusetty documents the experience of a non-binary UC Davis college student who uses comedy to overcome familial hardship after being held against their will in India. Jake Graf won the MiFo Festival’s Jury Award for Best Short with this story of a trans man in 1950’s England. Bratton began making his short as a graduate student at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. His film takes us back to the ball scene of New York City, which was also the subject of Sarah Jordeno’s documentary Kiki (Eau Queer 2016).

UMBRELLA | Director Rhys Ernst | 2017 | USA | 15 Min.
LADY EVA | Directors Dean Hamer & Joe Wilson | 2015 | USA | 11 Min.
ESCAPING AGRA Director Pallavi Somusetty l 2016 l USA l 24 min.
DUSK | Director Jake Graf | 2017 | UK | 15 Min.
WALK FOR ME | Director Elegance Bratton | 2016 | USA | 12 Min.
5PM | Directors Catherine Gund & Daresha Kyi | Documentary | Mexico | 90 Min.

After leaving Costa Rica as a teen, Chavela Vargas began singing in the streets of Mexico. Her adaptations of ranchera music, love songs ordinarily performed by men, eventually brought her fame as a chanteuse. Director and producer Catherine Gund (with Daresha Kyi) first interviewed Chavela in 1991 before she gained prominence through concerts in Europe and even New York’s Carnegie Hall. Winner of Outfest’s Documentary Grand Jury Prize and the Panorama Audience award at the Berlin International Film Festival, Chavela will leave you wanting to hear more of her music.
7PM | Director Jennifer Reeder | Feature | USA | 80 Min.

The winner of Outfest’s Grand Jury award, Signature Move, is a comedic and heartwarming tale about Zaynab, a Pakistani Muslim lawyer who is learning Lucha-style wrestling. Zaynab’s mother who lives with her wants her 30-something daughter to settle down with a husband. Instead Zaynab meets a Mexican woman, Alma, whose mother is more accepting of her lesbian identity. Directed by University of Illinois at Chicago professor Jennifer Reeder, this film is co-written by Fawzia Murza, who also stars in it with Shabana Azmi, one of the pioneering actors of Indian films. Get ready to step into the ring, and find your own signature move!

Preceding Signature Move
The Streets Are Ours: Two Lives Cross in Karachi
Dir. Michelle Fiordaliso | Short | USA, Pakistan | 16 Min.

US-based Pakistani Muslim actor and co-writer Fawzia Mirza (Signature Move) performs her controversial one-woman comedy in Pakistan after an invitation from Sabeen Mahmud, the founder of the Karachi performance center, T2F (originally called The Second Floor).


Friday, October 13th | Woodland Theater

12PM | 80 Min.

With the current administration’s restrictions on travel and immigration, border crossings are under increased scrutiny. Half a Life depicts an encounter that inspired someone to become a gay rights activist in Egypt. Will a Mexican teen make it to The Other Side, and reunite with his boyfriend? Encuentro finds Claudia, a Latina who speaks little Spanish, entranced with Isabel, a Venezuelan journalist, who schools her on the US. Pria, which means gentleman in Indonesian, was part of Aditya’s MFA work at Columbia University. Pria is caught between traditional values in Indonesia and his longing for Western culture. Wes Hurley watches US films to learn about Western culture as a gay teen in Russia. What will Little Potato find in the US?

Dir. Tamara Shogaolu | 2016 | Egypt, Indonesia, Netherlands, USA | 13 min.
Dir. Rodrigo Alvarez Flores | 2016 | Mexico | 15 min.
Dir. Florencia Manóvil | 2016 | USA | 17 min.
Director Yudho Aditya | 2016 | Indonesia, USA | 21 min.
Little Potato Wes Hurley & Nathan Miller | 2016 | Russia, USA | 14 min.
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3PM | Director Stephen Cone | Feature | USA | 96 Min.

Written and directed by Stephen Cone, Miranda Ruth takes on a Summer like no other when her outspoken niece, Cyd, comes to stay in her Chicago home. Stark opposites, Miranda is a writer who loses herself in poetry readings and traditional new age religion. On the other hand, Cyd focuses on the love of her body and explores her sexuality. What happens when two strong minded women live together for three months? Will they bond over their ties to a family tragedy, or will their philosophical differences create an impasse? Starring Chicago native, Rebecca Spence and up and coming actor Jessie Pinnick.

5PM | Director Yony Leyser | Documentary | Germany | German with English Subtitles | 83 Min.

The message of Yony Leyser’s film is to work towards building more inclusive music and cultural communities. Punk has its roots as a white straight masculinist genre. In the 80s and 90s queer folks started homocore (later known as queercore) to resist the violent and homophobic elements of punk culture and the assimilationist elements of the LGBT movement. Through archival footage and interviews with founders of the movement, Leyser documents North American queercore communities in music and media (DIY practices of creating zines, films and other types of art). Leyser balances attention to better known groups led by male-identified men, such as Pansy Division, with screen time for the feminist voices of Riot Grrrl bands.

7PM | Director Vincent Gagliostro | Feature | USA | 100 Min.

Director Vincent Gagliostro draws from his roots in New York City’s AIDS activist circles to create the character of Sam (Alan Cumming), an artist and former member of ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power). Sam is consumed with the loss of his partner, Will (David Drake) and his friends to the epidemic, and critical of the current generation of gay men for having unprotected sex, getting married, and being apolitical. Until he meets Braeden (Zachary Booth also starred in Keep the Lights On, which played at Eau Queer in 2012), a much younger man who reignites Sam’s interest in painting.



Saturday, October 14th | Woodland Theater

11 AM | Director David France | Documentary | USA | 105 Min.

This documentary on legendary Marsha P. Johnson, a trans woman of color prominent in the Stonewall Riots, attempts to answer questions about her death. In October of 1992, Johnson was found floating in the Hudson River. Ruling no foul play was involved, police declared the event a suicide. Her friends, family, and activists questioned the verdict. Academy Award nominated director David France of How to Survive a Plague(2012) unravels the evidence surrounding Johnson’s disappearance, and captures her work with Sylvia Rivera as one of the pioneers of trans rights activism. Was foul play involved, or was Johnson's death an accident?
1PM | Director Pouria Heidary Oureh | Feature | Armenia | 78 Min.

Aram (Narbe Vartan), an Iranian trans man, faces a nerve wracking proposal to Narbeh (Allison Gangi), his Armenian girlfriend. Aram travels from the United States, where he lives and met his girlfriend to Tehran, where his brother Vartan (Pedram Ansari) remained after their father’s death. Vartan becomes the mediator for this important encounter with Narbeh’s family. Director Pouria Heidary Oureh offers a compelling story of gender identity as it intersects with culture and religion. Apricot Groves is the winner of the MiFo LGBT Film Festival’s Best Feature Film and other awards, but Oureh has not been able to attend these screenings due to the current administration’s travel ban on Muslims.
3PM | 84 Min.

How do we relate to one another? Yan portrays the struggle between two childhood friends as they begin to redefine their relationship; Muinos showcases an anonymous date that takes an unexpected turn into a first date with the family; Villazòn depicts a couple in the midst of an unexpected pregnancy; and Kroopf illustrates a new relationship at conflict as it is threatened by homelessness.

MARZ l Director Bobby Yan l 2016 l USA l 12 min.
CAKE l Director Jacintho Muninos l 2015 l Australia l 16 min.
GET THE LIFE l Director Ozzy Villazon l 2016 l USA l 12 min.
BOBBYANNA Director Jackson Kroopf l 2016 l USA l 20 min.
5PM | Director Francis Lee | Feature | UK | 104 Min.

Winner of Best Feature at the Frameline San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival, God's Own Country transports us to the hilly countryside of Yorkshire, England where Johnny is struggling with his workload on the family farm and his sexuality. After Gheorghe, a Romanian migrant worker, arrives to assist him with lamb season, their heated and steamy encounters make for a compelling drama. Francis Lee won the 2017 Sundance Cinema World Directing award for this stunning film. While it has some of the same pathos as Brokeback Mountain (Ang Lee, dir. 2005, its takeaway is quite different.
7PM | Director Trudie Styler | Feature | USA | 91 Min.

Billy Bloom (Alex Lawther), a gender-expansive teen, navigates the seas of conservative small-town life as the new kid, and the difficult adjustment to living with their father (Larry Pine), who despite his monetary wealth is not the least bit giving in terms of warmth. Tensions run high as Billy challenges it-girl Lynette (Abigail Breslin) for the title of homecoming queen. References to current political events offer topical messages that'll have you raising a brow or two. With award winning director, Trudie Styler, and an all-star cast, including Bette Midler and Laverne Cox, Freak Show is sure to captivate you.