Fundamental handball rules

The six meter line – No handball player (other than the goalkeeper) is permitted in the objective region (inside the 6m line). Exemptions are after a shot on objective, when the player hops into the area and shoots the ball prior to arriving in the objective region.


In the event that a handball player makes multiple strides without spilling (bobbing the ball) or holds the ball for over 3 seconds without skipping it, shooting or passing, then, at that point, that is considered ‘strolling’ and ownership is lost.

‘Twofold spill’

Handball players can’t get the ball and skip it, then, at that point, hold the ball, and bob it once more. This is named ‘twofold spill’ and is contrary to the standards.

‘Kicking’ – Handball players (other than the goalkeeper) should not kick the ball. On the off chance that the ball contacts the foot, ownership is granted to the resistance.

Handball fouls

No stumbling, pushing, hitting, securing, charging or holding is permitted in handball.

Free-tosses in handball

These are granted for slight encroachments of the principles. All protectors are expected to remain 3m (9.84ft) away from the individual taking the free-toss.

Punishment tosses in handball

These are granted while denying an unmistakable scoring an open door with an encroachment.

Handball sanctions – Contingent upon the earnestness of the offenses, the ref can grant players with either a yellow card (cautioning), suspension (2 minutes sitting out), or a red card (excusal).

Toss INS

These are granted after the ball has crossed a side line. Taken by the side didn’t contact it last, with the player risking one foot where ball went out and passing it back into the court.


A corner is taken by the going after side when a protector has pushed the ball over the objective line (other than in the objective). The player puts one foot on the edge of the side line and the objective line and passes the ball in.

Objective tosses

This happens when the ball falls off a goalkeeper and crosses the objective line. The goalkeeper then, at that point, takes the toss from inside their own region.

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